about us

What we do

I, Ina Fourie- Lubbe, the director of Venuï Architects, have worked for many years as a lead designer and Architect for award-winning Architectural firms, such as Stephan Antoni (SAOTA) and Paragon Architects.

With over 22 years experience, I have been designing high-quality buildings that enrich the lives of the users and their communities.

Our diverse work ranges from commercial projects and residential complexes to bespoke single dwellings. Home renovation is also a passion of ours- creating something beautiful and relevant out of the old and inadequate.

Our Designs embrace modern thinking, not the latest fashion. Our solutions are commercially viable, that is why Developers and clients like what we do. Our ideas are buildable, that is why Contractors keep coming back.

No matter what type of project, our ethos is always the same – creative; practical; responsive; affordable and unique solutions, delivered with professionalism and total integrity.

Our Name Venuï and logo was constructed with a lot of thought and passion.

Venus is the third brightest object (star) occurring in the solar system, behind the Sun and Moon. Hence the star in our logo.

The planet/star Venus is also named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, which makes it the only planet in the solar system named after a female.

The definition of the word Venue is – “a place where events of a specific type are held”

Therefore we see our name as a combination, or plural, of the words Venus & Venue – Venuï– a place of love and beauty.

We want to create our buildings and spaces as places of love and beauty and we want our company to shine as bright as the Venus star among all other competition.