Mayfair Complex

Situated in the hustle & bustle of a vibrant inner-city street, this low-end residential development is stacked vertically with the most prominent view towards the main street.

The proposed four storey apartment building’s design features strong angular shapes that frame city views, creates privacy and draws in the city landscape.

Soke Apartments

One of the most limiting factors of any project, is the budget. A low budget demands much more of the architect’s inventiveness to ensure the quality of the design.

Added to this factor, the developers brief here was for a modern, unique and special product.

The trendy, hip lifestyle shines through in the use of vibrant colour and raw materials, and fun shapes and forms in this design.

Tulley Apartments

The development in an old district of Johannesburg, is comprised of 3 multi storey apartment blocks.

The contemporary aesthetic of the entire development is combined with a design referring to the young student who will be occupying its spaces, and gives the scheme a uniquely textured and layered façade, whilst retaining the philosophy of “less is more”.

Emthunzini Student Apartments

The building comprises of student rooms with shared facilities, which caters for all a student could ask for- easy living, quiet study areas and plenty of social meeting areas, inside and out.

The clever use of green rooftops and pause areas for further socializing, creates even more valuable space in this small site.

Mount Complex

11 Units, each with its own bespoke character, tailor designed for each unique family, yet all adhering to one language and style.

This developer wanted simple forms and lines and interior spaces that flow, using each erf to the maximum capacity.

Cowley Row

This contemporary residential development redefines the concept of modern farmstyle living.

The project consists of 6 private homes, designed to capture a sense of timeless classical luxury with specific emphasis on the uncomplicated farm lifestyle.